how to make a theme on instagram

Black border theme, black borders are very rare on Instagram at the moment.
Also, black borders would look really nice on photos with pops of red hot chili peppers give it away mp3 colors.
Thinking of your feed before taking the photo, helps you when you decide to post a picture because you know that it running contests on facebook has your style rules in mind.
In Preview app: I recommend you pick a Filter or Filter Pack to give that overall mood to your theme.So choose wisely based on the type of photos you take (new blog post about this coming soon).Or, you can also start drawing and adding new subjects in your photos, like a flower on your ear *wink to @thetropicalartist.My first Instagram theme (that I had when I first started working on this post!) was having a stark white accent in every post, but in the past week or two I have started transitioning do fedex employees get discounts on amazon into having very bright pictures with an accent of green.And Carla, from The Chic Identity, always has black accents in her photos for that sleek, chic look.If I werent a blogger I wouldnt, and before I started blogging my Instagram was an absolute mess and I loved it!You have to know that keeping a white theme is a lifestyle.I think as a blogger or digital influencer, this is really important to show who you are as a brand so when someone is looking to collaborate with you, they know exactly what they are going to get.Think about every picture before you post does it fit your theme?So instead of hoping the photo will fit, I already know that it will ahead of time.Now that youve found a type of feed that you like, keep this in mind before taking the photo.I prefer images with negative space next to a busy photo and photos of myself spaced out so these two apps help with planning the overall visual feel of my feed.I use vsco or Planoly to plan my feed.Color coordinated theme Choose a color palette to make your theme.In Preview app: I recommend the two White Filter Packs.

Interested in a white theme?And you need to surround yourself with white to make your photos pop.McKennaBleu, for example, is a super popular Instagrammer and her only theme seems to be super bright pictures.Dont just post any image.I like my photos to look clean and I generally stick to the same types of photos and use flatlay images, architecture and fabrics to tie the pictures together.Changing your Instagram theme.Im not patient enough for that.StellaMariaBaer, she is an amazing artist who paints planets and moons and her is heavy in a sandy orange color.My feed doesnt do well on vacation, so when I travel Ill change it up for 3, 6, 9 or 12 photos and have a block of one theme for travel and then go back to my usual feed when Im home.In fact, I think it highlights the most beautiful parts of a photo.
To select which part you want in color, just brush over it with your finger.