horizontal sweep section

The heart of the CRO is a cathode-ray tube shown schematically in Fig.
When the voltage suddenly falls to cardinal giveaway today zero, as at points (a) (b) (c etc., the end of each sweep - the beam flies back to its initial position.Coupling: Selects whether triggering occurs at a specific dc or ac level.The assembly of the cathode, intensity grid, focus grid, and accelerating anode (positive electrode) is called an electron gun.The SCR shuts down the horizontal oscillator when a hazard exists, producing a black screen.Their frequencies and phase drift slowly causing the two different signals to change slightly with respect to each other.Set the horizontal gain so that only one complete wave form is displayed.More meanings of this word and English-Russian, Russian-English translations for horizontal sweep in dictionaries.The signal generator is used to produce a 1000 hertz sine wave.Also, there are-so-called-FET or active probes, which are non-loading (almost) wideband probes with built-in amplifiers.The red trace is the triggering event; the green trace is the delayed view of the event.Objective: To learn how to operate a cathode-ray oscilloscope.The persistance of vision in the human eye and of the glow of the fluorescent screen aids in producing a stationary pattern.The TX1 and WX1 Cyber-shot models can take up to 185 and 256-degree panorama shots respectively in one easy press-and-sweep motion with an image size of 7152 x 1080 (ultra wide horizontal).
He relied, instead, on the scope's being grounded to the computer through the AC power mains.
You will find it difficult to maintain the Lissajous figures in a fixed configuration because the two oscillators are not phase and frequency locked.

Sensitivity: Selects the sensitivity of the vertical amplifier in calibrated steps.To solve this little oversight, a switch is used to tell the sweep generator which excursion-rising or falling-to trigger on: this is called the "slope." slope (-) The figure above show several combinations of settings.General Hints, fOR troubleshooting purposes you should try to mentally localize a problem to one of these seven sections.Intensity: Regulates the brightness of the spot or trace.In the most common use of the oscilloscope the signal to be studied is first amplified and then applied to the vertical (deflection) plates to deflect the beam vertically and at the same time a voltage that increases linearly with time is applied to the.Since even the latest and most sophisticated Oscilloscope is still bound to the original Analog concept, this tutorial will focus on the Analog Oscilloscope., scope Front Panel, click image to Enlarge - "OK, I give.Some monitors have a separate OVP circuit using a additional fuse.Needless to say, he got some pretty strange results.Click to preview geometry or click to complete the feature.These are shown in the diagram below.Moreover, the signal is displayed as a function of time.
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