high efficiency clothes washer rebate

Clothes washer costco discount membership aarp installation, new construction, accessories, and taxes do not qualify.
An additional rebate may be available from San Diego Gas electric.
If its time to replace your old, inefficient clothes washer with a qualified energy star model, you may be eligible for a rebate up to 400 from Mass Save: The new energy star certified clothes washer you purchase must be front loading with an Integrated.Efficient clothes washers use about 25 percent less jomashop coupon code watches energy and 40 percent less water than non-certified clothes washers.Already Submitted Your Rebate Application?The average American family washes about 300 loads of laundry each year.Clothes washers that are leased, rebuilt, rented, received from warranty or insurance claims, exchanged, won as a prize, or have had new parts installed in an existing unit do not qualify for a rebate.

There are two rebates to choose from: Get a 75 rebate on the purchase of an energy star certified clothes washer.Submit your rebate online, if you prefer to apply via mail, please complete the rebate form provided during your special home visit.Rebate checks will be mailed within 8 weeks after completing the rebate process.Southern California residents may qualify for rebates starting at 85 for the purchase of a high-efficiency clothes washer (HEW) from a list how to use tesco vouchers online of qualified products.The original itemized dated sales receipt for the new clothes washer is required (copies not accepted).High-efficiency clothes washers (HEWs) use 40 percent less water and 25 percent less energy than conventional clothes washers, according to the.Rebate amount cannot exceed the purchase price of a new clothes washer.
City of Modesto customers who pay a water utility bill to the City of Modesto.
The qualifying clothes washer must remain at the installation site for a minimum of six months after installation date.