hero honda sa re ga ma pa 2008 contestants

Episode 13 edit The second group of contestants performed today - Dilshad, Swananda, Niladri, Twinkle, Rajeev, and Hemabindu.
He said that claires promotion code february 2015 his gharana was still there and Hemachandra and Rajeev will take it to the final and would win.
The 32 remaining contestants consisted of 16 boys and 16 girls.Sa Re Ga Ma Pa programme that was first aired in 1995.If I had known nfl football contests earlier, I would have taken an autograph book with.The Jai Mata Di Let's Rock gharana went first, with Nanu and Supriya performing.The mentors would be able to pick contestants from this batch to be a part of their gharanas, air optix rebate form 2017 and any contestants who didn't perform well would have to fight for a spot in the gharanas with standby contestants, Rajeev Thapa and Vishwas Rai, who had.Aadesh said that Irfan has sung wonderfully and was the best that day.According to her, the contest was looking at playback singers and Abhijeet was suited for that.From Dum, Abhijeet and Sanchali performed, Keka and Hemachandra for Jai Ho, Paresh and Vineeta from Yalgaar Ho, and Aishwarya and Priyani from Jai Mata Di Let's Rock.The judges pointed out that Vineeta lost her sur quite often, and couldn't maintain herself at all during that song.But he had already finished his recording and left the studio by the time I reached, Aamir, who hails from Bhopal, says.They decided that Paresh and Aishwarya will sing one song together, and that Jatin-Lalit and Aadesh will decide who gets the green card.Episode 2 edit Sagar Tildurkar,.Among the girls, Keka was shown the green card.My mother does not force me to study now.Ujjaini was crying because she had dropped a year in studies to come here and not chosen science stream even though she had good marks because she wanted to be a singer.Ismail congratulated Himesh for choosing a song which is not suited to Joyeeta's voice, so considering that, he said she sang well.

Jatin-Lalit were not impressed with Debojit's pronunciation, Ismail said Debojit was better, Himesh refused to comment as he is too close to the song, and Aadesh thought Debojit used his experience better but Nanu brought in his innocence to the song.Episode 14 edit Today was the second elimination day for Group.A small fight broke off but was edited out of the show.Himesh said that Himani is a very strong contender and her performance today was very good and strong.Ismail said that Himani performed well, saying that Aadesh has got very good singers and he is looking at them carefully.There were some disagreements between the mentors.Ismail and Himesh were furious and said that this was not fair.Aadesh said that it was a very good performance.In the second round, Himesh said that Abhijeet has complicated the matter again, as he sang very well in the first round but sang badly in the second.Debojit was given to Ismail, Saptak to Jatin-Lalit, and Vineet to Himesh.