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We think one of the reasons puppies are seen as suitable gifts is that they are so easily bought and sold online.
The terrible thing is that around 100 of these dogs are handed in or abandoned at Dogs Trust Rehoming Centres every Christmas; they have becomegifts that have lost their novelty value once the excitement has worn off.It also includes a bronx zoo promo code june 2015 link to merial rebates 2015 a video from Dermot OLeary giving practical advice for people looking for a pet online.Seasons greetings from all at Dogs Trust!Over the next few weeks youll see links to their advice and information across our pets category, as we help them spread the word that a dog really is for life not just a novelty Christmas present.Although there are many reputable sellers, we really want people to be aware of the dangers of buying an animal online and to understand why Christmas is not a great time to introduce a puppy into your home.Clarissa Baldwin, the CEO of the Dogs Trust, has kindly written a guest blog post for us telling you more about the campaign and why its important. .Many more end up in other animal shelters around the country.

Ho No No campaign: asking people to please take puppies off the Christmas wish list.If you dont do your research you could end up losing thousands of pounds if your pup turns out to be poorly, and potentially suffer the tragic heartbreak of losing your new pet unexpectedly.Please do listen to TV presenter and Dogs Trust friend Dermot OLearys specially recorded words of warning if you are looking to buy a pet online, and some of our other celebrity friends have recorded messages explaining exactly why A Dog is for Life, Not.We take all matters of animal and pet protection very seriously, so weve teamed up with the Dogs Trust to help support their A Dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas campaign.1,000 respondents of parents with children aged 3 to 16 years.Here at m the welfare of our furry friends is something close to our heart. .Or that more than one in six parents say they would buy a dog as a Christmas gift if their child asked for one?Did you know that a third of all children put a puppy on their Christmas wish list?