give your heart away guitar tab

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A, e, main riff then played twice Verse played 7 times ending on the A string 7th fret Im not sure about this middle part if anyone has cracked it then drop me an email or leave a comment below.
Main riff played twice Song ends on this chord played a few times then slides around the fretboard right at the end i think e ny changes to this tab let me know or if you know the middle part please tell me!
Hold it for a fraction of a second on each of the frets in the tab e, b, g, d /7/875/, a, e, same line as the first e, b, g, d, a, e, final line of the main riff e, b, g, d,.Save changes and exit, just exit.Tab editing mode, you have unsaved changes.Rate this song: Give Your Heart Away - Black Keys Tabbed by: Ben Crossley E-mail: Love The Black Keys!Easy to learn, just needs to be played quickly for main riff I saw a different tab and thought there were quite a few mistakes but this is still my first one so comments would be appreciated!Starts off playing first 4 lines (main riff) once through quieter with palm mute e, b, g, d, a, e, that long slide below is all doubledown casino promo codes for buying chips with one pick.All changes will be seen only by you.Thanks / slide up slide down h hammer-on p pull-off vibrato harmonic x Mute note b Bend pb Pre-bend br Bend release pbr Pre-bend release brb Bend release bend.I will try and add it to the tab All I know is that it ends on e, b, g,.Great guitar song as well.Would be massively appreciated.

E, then main riff played once Verse played 7 times ending on A string 7th fret, with this variation the 5th time, slide is all one pick e, b, g,.Can t play Give Your Heart Away?Improve your playing via easy step-by-step video lessons!Standard guitar tuning:.Give Your Heart Away by The Black Keys.# download NOW pack your bags and get ready for summer!