gift certificate savings bond

If you already have Series EE savings bonds bought years ago, pay careful attention to the rates you have on those bonds.
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You will be asked to show a valid ID to prove ownership or if the bond is not in your name, proof that you are the rightful heir entitled to the savings bonds. .

I Bonds are more attractive than newly issued Series EE bonds.US savings bonds are often given as gifts to children, family members or students. .Special Requirements to Consider When Redeeming US Savings Bonds.Parents may redeem savings bonds issued to their minor children by requesting such action in writing. .With flexible terms and competitive fixed rates for the term of your certificate, a certificate account is a safe and smart way to earn a guaranteed return on your investment.QGuaranteed Long Term Loans.Buyenlarge x Stock certificates are like currency sharing value and.Unlike money that is invested in a savings account which is insured by the fdic, savings bonds are backed by the United States government. .