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Mash-Up Week: Let's Make a Deal and its sister show The Price is Right began a special "Mash-Up Week" which ran May 9-13, 2016, where the two shows would be sharing games, cast members and other surprises.
Later, the eight outer cups each earned cash.
At this point, Big Deals were limited to a range of woman within coupon code december 2014 8,000 to 10,000.Every time a contestant lands on a square, the space is then replaced with an extra "Go Home" space.5 6 Three of a Kind A contestant is shown six cards, all are either of two different ranks (either four of one rank and two of the other or three of each rank).In the first round, there are 4 colored squares concealing numbers and all 3 dealers play.If the contestant does not take the sure thing, another item may be revealed and Wayne may offer the same sure thing plus additional cash.

Internet Version Edit In 1999, m licensed the internet rights from the show and launched a website featuring Monty Hall.Smash For Cash A contestant/couple chooses a Piggy Bank containing an amount of cash.Special Themed Episodes Edit Throughout this version of Let's Make a Deal, there are some themed episodes.Let's Make a Deal are listed on our, movies page.Noting that it had a removable rubber nipple, he offered is it illegal to raffle off my house the woman 100 if she could show him another nipple (she didn't).2006 GM Lake era.Though usually considered joke prizes, contestants legally ticketnetwork promotional code won the zonks.