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The Desktop Metaphor, third prize:.L.
They say, history never repeats itselfbut when it comes to wars and bloodshed, and all the jingoism (and of course just a door sweep brush manufacturers dash of our god is better than your god religion) that goes with it, of course it does.
Terms and conditions for the Proms Poetry Competition can be found here.We also coupons for olive garden april 2015 informed Literature Wales, Pontypridd Observer and associated district newspapers, SW Echo, the Western Mail, BBC Wales and rctcbc as well as many organisations on our mailing list.Filmpoem by Corinne Silva, jason Wattss For a Liturgy Filmpoem toy sweepstakes 2014 by Alastair Cook Tom Weirs Day Trippin Filmpoem by Francesca Beard and Jason Larkin.Edward Munchs, The Scream is one of the most famous, and instantly recognisable pieces of art in existence.While the war makers: the kings and queens, the political and religious leaders, the money makerssit back and watch: Halig, the bald witch / who never gives a tea-time fig / for rook-song jigs.Your poem will be judged by me and by the award winning poet Daljit Nagra.And, as its also written with all the freedom the medium of poetry affords it is able to go far beyond the sterile analytical prose of the art critic: The flay of his face held between / splayed fingers.Seven commendations : Sam Harvey for, claire Climbs Everest ; Fran Lock for, epistle from inside the Sharknado ; Patrick James Errington for.The three winning poems were all exceptional and an excellent reminder of the true value of the poetic form and its rightful place in our society.
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Alicja Pawluczuk, commended, beverley Nadins, bees, filmpoem by Kate Sweeney.1st: Roger Philip Denniss, corkscrew Hill Photo, filmpoem.The, national Poetry Competition is one of the worlds biggest competitions for single poems, with a first prize of 5,000.Think outside the box as marketing people in bright ties and designer glasses say.And yet, it succeeds so magnificently and the reader is completely won over: surrendering to lonely beaches, the bleak grey-black southern shores.It is a rallying cry for peace: Bring them back, / the young, / before theyre chained / to the war mast.Write your poem (up to 25 lines in length).Managing to combine great lyrical beauty with images which are both striking and moving: Children, soft as tufts / of sheeps wool / tangled up in the wire This could be described as an anti-war poem, but it is so much more than that.It also cleverly mirrors Munchs chosen painting style by using colours to express emotional states: How the scream rises from the mouth of the earth / red as blood, as tongues of fire.Watt, Lara Bell, Lara Sichi, Lisa Kelly, Lois.