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Here's how my class is set up: Introduction: I usually introduce myself and tell a little about my family.
Then I tell them to put their answers aside for now, papa murphy's promo code and I hand out the pizza hut 55th anniversary free personal pan pizza coupon tips sheet.After my brief introduction, I give everyone a lined piece of notebook paper.Coupon Coaching, the Korean Couponers Stockup Price List Freezer Prep List.The game, Part 1: Before class starts, I have set out a group of approximately 12 - 15 products down the middle of the table around which everyone will sit.If you stop for every question the class may drag on too long and you want to make sure everything is covered in case some people have to leave early, before the questions.Items go on sale in a cycle about every six weeks.Organize Your Coupons, shop at Walgreens, Rite Aid CVS.
On the list, I number each item and write its name; then I write how much it was originally, how much it was on sale for, what the coupon amount was, and what my total cost was.
Compare the sales to your coupons.

If you can get items free or for pennies, get them and donate to charity.The Game, Part 2 This is the fun part.Introduction: For years before the show, Extreme Couponing was a big hit, I have taught coupon classes in the community.But that is just my style.Click this link to watch now!How many members, that I love shopping and saving money, etc.Where to get coupons without hunting down a coupon fairy.
Source Here I am nordstrom coupon codes january 2015 teaching a class, with my prizes for the game in front.