free house cleaning for cancer patients

Before chemo, I would vacuum every few days and thoroughly dust weekly.
I thought ingo promo code netspend that Cleaning for a Reason was a perfect solution while undergoing chemo.Patel said his company has provided free housecleaning services to 243 cancer patients through its Cleaning for a Reason partnership.It just zaps all of your energy, she said.It works with companies throughout the nation and Canada willing to provide cancer patients with one free cleaning a month for four months.Its a way for owners to give back to their communities, she says.I think of her nearly every day, Sardone said.While the businesses which must be insured and conduct background checks on its workers do not charge the women for their services, their employees are paid for their work.Cleaning For A Reason is a way to help them so they can focus on their health and they dont have to worry about how their house looks, said Kathy Cohoon, assistant manager for Two Maids A Mop.Cleaning for a reason, weve helped donate over 22,000 free cleanings to women who need housecleaning while undergoing treatment for cancer.Courtesy of Cleaning for a Reason.My grandmother is getting over breast cancer.VwpNc4fmxQEA, for full story, see.But if one client wanted us to help do laundry or fold clothes buyer rebate definition we would.But when the service can easily average more than 120 for a single-family home, she also understands not everyone can afford the service, especially when going through a health crisis like the woman who called her nearly 20 years ago.
Thats where the, cleaning for A Reason Foundation steps.
I ask if theyre sensitive to scents, because some are, she says.

Related: Meet the tattoo artist making breast cancer survivors feel 'whole again'.We sometimes will maybe do some things we normally wouldnt do, she says.Sardone has owned a private cleaning business for more than 30 years.(a cancer patient from Buckets Bows Maid Service). .If there are special requests from a homeowner, we meet those challenges and knock it out for them.But its the woman Sardone never got to help, the one who inspired her to start the foundation, that she thinks about every day.Cleaning for a Reason after telling another patient about her inability to keep up with the housework.Each cancer patient is different.Some of those tasks might include bringing in groceries and doing other work around the home.Closed Captioning, oN OFF apply reset x font Times New RomanArialComic Sans size T share link Mammograms now recommended every other year for women 50-74 Play Video - 0:30 Mammograms now recommended every other year for women 50-74 Play Video - 0:30 2:17 Now Playing.
Knowing your house is being taken care of when you dont have the energy to get out of bed helps lift a huge stress from you she said.
She also owns a business that manufactures natural cleaning products and a consulting service for cleaning companies.