fan art contest 2016

Last year, while I was taking a vacation from working on Yandere Simulator, we had a super-fun fan art contest!
Please cast your vote for one of the entries, your votes are very important in deciding the winner of the contest, so your help is appreciated!I plan to enter the next fan art contest, I was going to enter this one but problems happened., 12:00 PM #3, don't forget to vote for your favorite artist!Its your choice to draw her with a completely plain school uniform, or give her one or two subtle details that set her apart from everyone else.The exact moment she reveals her true nature.Remember, this will be a monthly contest raffles medical airport charges so please continue to enter, I know that Imagine Dragons really appreciate the art of their fans!Very emotionless and solemn.Maybe she wears black gloves or black socks, unlike anyone else at the school.Contest Prizes Im thinking of this event as something to do for fun, rather than something to do because you want to win a prize but, if the winner of the contest wishes, Id be willing to send them a copy of Pokemon Sun.
You are also welcome to draw her in any kind of scenario that would be appropriate for a nemesis.
You are welcome to project your own headcanon onto Nemesis-chan!

Mida Rana as a sultry female.(If youve ever played Metroid Fusion, recall what it was like to hide from the SA-X.You must include the words miss bum bum competition youtube Pokemon Contest or Nemesis Contest in your e-mails subject line, or else it may be impossible for me to find your entry.Thats justnot very creative at all.Youre welcome to decide for yourself!What would a Pokemon battle between Yandere-chan and one of her rivals look like?Justdont draw a character with a long neck and say Look, I drew their. 05:58 PM #1, hi Everyone!If the cast of Yandere Simulator were Pokemon trainers, what would they look like?
Last year, the reason I took a two-week vacation was to play Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, so the contest was Metal Gear Solid-themed.
B O, o M!", 08:14 PM #4, i vote for number.