facebook contest random drawing

Whether you plan on having a panel of judges, one judge, or a tool that randomly selects a winner, explain in full detail how a winner will be selected.
The app will import all your recent posts and allow you to pick a winner from those who have interacted with them.Its important to remember that a link to that contest is still out and about in the public eye so we always recommend updating your app with a note that lets your fans know that the contest has ended.To learn more about ShortStacks random pictures of lottery ticket baskets entry picker tool visit here.Announcement that an entrant was selected will be sent to the email address supplied on the contest entry form.If youre interested in being transparent about picking a winner, try videotaping your winner selection process.We would like to thank all our fans and users of Comment Picker.The comment on your post that got the most Likes.How do you pick winners for your Facebook competitions?

Winner will receive the allotted prize within 30 days of notification.You just need to paste a link to your post into the app and it will select a winner for you.The user ID of the Facebook user who interacted.It can be difficult to notify winners on Facebook because Facebook does not allow a business Page to tag a personal profile unless that person has commented on a Page post.The problem arises when a competition is successful.The winners will be announced by October 5, 2012 on or about noon PST.We have experts that can talk you through how to accomplish your idea using Woobox (especially crazy unique ideas).Facebook has allowed us to choose a winner from people who leave a comment on a post or Like a post.Release of "Random Comment Picker" - Release of "Find My Facebook ID" - Our website secured with https - 20 reviews on Facebook with average of 5 stars.And don't forget to leave a review!
From people who like and comment on your post.