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Disneys YES program is an educational series for kids and youth that offers on-site courses on topics like art, sciences, environmental studies, and leadership.
The most expensive and crowded time of year.If the sites URL has the word Disney in it and it is not a site operated by Disney, do not buy tickets there.AAA The American Automobile Association is subdivided into regions, with each region having a different independent affilated club.Another reader reports that they would not allow a teacher from outside California to order.Recently scammers have even taken to presenting fake invoices or receipts that seem to be from legitimate businesses that supposedly sold them the tickets.Park Hopper Disneyland tickets can be used to visit both parks on the same day.If you try to use the unused days on someone else's theme park ticket, the park won't let you.We always buy Park Hopper tickets and always hop on several days of our trip.Disneyland Ticket Discounts for Teachers If you are a teacher in the US or Canada, be sure to check with your teachers union for possible discount Disneyland tickets.There are lots of scammers and fly-by-night sellers offering Disneyland tickets out there and its hard to tell the real vendors from the scammers.

If you're a member, have your card or number ready and either visit the AAA or CAA website, or visit your nearest location to inquire about sweeping floor meaning deals.In addition, many discounts are offered on multi-day Hopper passes.Not only can you get discounted admission prices for various Disney theme parks (for single and multiple days but you can also find other special deals and promotions.Occasionally discounts like that are legit, because of some loss-leader strategy by an online travel agency, but check everything out thoroughly.Current So Cal Disneyland Ticket Discounts No current offers.No single retailer offers the best available deals on tickets to all of America's three major multi-park resorts Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Universal Orlando so be sure to look around to find the best deal.2017 Premium Character Dining Tickets are 48 adult / 28 child (ages 3-9) plus a 2 convenience fee.Restaurants, skip It, attractions, coming Soon, attractions.Shades of Green is a resort operated for members of the Armed Forces, and they also provide discounted rates for Disney World tickets and packages to military service personnel who have valid IDs.