discount rate npv zero

Generally, an investment with a positive NPV will be a profitable one and one with a negative NPV will result in a net loss.
This compounding results in a much lower NPV than might be otherwise calculated.
It is used in capital budgeting to analyze the profitability of an investment or project.Choose the one with the higher IRR.IRR is the discount rate that makes NPV zero.The estimated cash flows are as follows.This should clear most of your doubts.This is a major limitation for the use of IRR.Lets now move to second slide and discuss two other types of yields.
Compounding calculates the future or terminal value of a given sum invested today discount vapor batteries for a number of years.

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The second problem is the Scale Problem.The Yield is used to calculate the returns on debts or bonds.The first problem is the Reinvestment Problem.There are a number of alternative terms used to refer to the rate of interest: cost of capital discount rate required return.So long as there is no switching point between 10 and 15, there is no problem.NPV versus IRR Both NPV and IRR are investment appraisal techniques which discount cash flows and are superior to the basic techniques such as roce or payback.Solution: The cost of capital, in discounted cash flow techniques, the rate of interest is required.Solution: Present Value Tables (1 r)-n is called the discount factor (DF).
Compounding, a sum invested today will earn interest.