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Weve become so obsessed with muzzle energy and performance that going to the range and shooting a pistol with zero recoil that you know isnt accurate is just fun sometimes.
You're first edition will be delivered in just a few minutes.If youre the type of gun owner who doesnt trust their life to anything less than the stopping power of the venerable.45, this probably will not be your order kohl's gift card online next pistol.Its a non-threatening way to get your friends and family to the range for a day.This certainly isnt going to win any competitions, but if youre looking for minute of bad guy, its acceptable.No, if youre going for concealability in a revolver, why not go micro?Post range cleaning was a snap: pull the cylinder release pin out of the front of the revolver and slide the cylinder completely out of the gun.They wouldnt fire on the second strike either, so Im going to chalk this up to an ammunition issue.Its a cool revolver.
Reliability * * five FTFs in 200 rounds that did not ignite on the second strike.
It does however, give you six shots to make the most of (thats six shots to slow down your camping buddy enough that you can escape that angry bear you came across while hiking).

Enter your cutie for a chance to win in September Winners, congratulations to September's winners!Another interesting note: there is no swinging cylinder on this pistol.Its almost impossible to get a good grip on this pistol.The folding trigger sets the pivot point in an odd location, making the trigger feel like youre pulling down more than back.Id give it a zero, but you can physically hold.During this auspicious time, read to your child about the life of Jesus Christ.Rhyme Time jingle Bells " is one of the most popular winter rhymes.Enter a photo today.Some people complain wayfair promotion code uk all the time about hanging a pinky off the end of a compact handgun, and I can tell you hanging two off isnt any better.The world could use a few more Kolb Baby Hammerless revolvers).
I might not want to trust my life to six rounds.22 short, but its better than nothing and we should thank the likes of Kolb and Sedgley for putting together a firearm that we can still all enjoy almost 100 years after its release.
Problem number two should be apparent to anyone whos familiar with revolvers.