cq ww wpx contest rules

Single Operator Assisted: Entrants in this category may use QSO alerting assistance (see rule.2).
The log entry must spell out the full club name (and club allocations if multi-op).
Stations must indicate the operating location in the cabrillo header (e.g., location: OH).Multi-operator stations may operate the full 48 hours.Observer Program: The Committee may request of any entrant to accept a visit by an observer during the contest.Thanks to Marek, SP7DQR, who has written SWL log check software and to Dan, I1-12387, who will lead the SWL log checking.Stations must indicate the station class action rebate 2015 location in the cabrillo header (e.g., location: OH).Select category based on number of transmitted net a porter promotion code signals.2017 CQ WW WPX CW Contest Results click here to view!A minimum of four logs must be received for a club to be listed in the results.
General rules FOR ALL entrants:.

Exchange: RS(T) report plus a progressive contact serial number starting with 001 for the first contact.Trailer Towers, the Michigan Ham Van.Total output power of each transmitted signal must not exceed 100 watts.Call sign errors (bust) or call signs not found in the other log (NIL) are removed and receive a penalty of two times the QSO point value for that contact.Join us on our monthly journey through the broad and varied landscape of the world's most fascinating hobby!Running stations making more than 3 contacts without sending their callsign.Only the entrants call sign may be used to aid the entrants score.The entrant has five days to appeal the decision to the Contest Director.Multi-Operator Categories (all-band operation only Any number of operators is allowed.SSB: March 25-26, 2017 CW: May 27-28, 2017.