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Realistically, there have also been millions of incident-free miles covered by helmetless or poorly dressed riders, but Im not ready to leave my gear at home simply because others have been able to do so without landing in the hospital or morgue.
Car tires and motorcycle tires are constructed and designed differently due to the different ways in which they are used, warns John Mosby of Kumho tires, one of the auto tire brands often selected by Dark Siders.And they are more than anxious to profess those beliefs in the hope others might also see the light.In search of a balanced argument, I reached out to motorcycle manufacturers, tire manufacturers, heralded motorcycle safety experts and industry leaders to get their take on the subject.Nathan Boyd,.E., Director, Product Integrity at Harley-Davidson explains, We look at the motorcycle as a complete system where the tires, the wheels, the swingarm, the forks and the frame are designed to perform together.My decision to turn this rider away (along with a handful of his riding buddies) was based on my belief that riding with a car tire on a motorcycle could not possibly be a good idea or a safe practice.Looking for tires in Ottawa?In fact, most arent.Even if you believe that running a car tire on your motorcycle fits within your acceptable risk threshold on the road, you may have left out an important consideration that can strike a little bin sweep walker closer to home.
Others were quick to accuse tire companies, claiming they know how to make motorcycle tires that last longer and cost less but, instead, scheme to make as much money on riders as they can.

Have you ever found yourself unwittingly in the middle of a heated religious or political debate between two vehemently opposed participants?Before placing an order, please request a" using our online form.And, once they found a shop willing to mount the car rubber on a bike rim, they began to accumulate miles without serious consequences (although most admit to the bike handling differently).We strongly discourage anyone from using Kumho passenger car tires on their motorcycle.A car tire in this application would be flat and fat when upright and thin and narrow when leaned.Off Road, the tires ability to have grip on unpaved surfaces such as dirt, mud, sand, rock or gravel.15 years OF bringing tire prices down!So, some promo code for bloomingdales october 2015 riders turned to car tires as a fix.