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When this kind of phrasal verb has an object, and the object is a noun, the noun can go either in the middle of the phrase (harden the seedlings off) or at the end (harden off the seedlings).
(Prominent slang authorities like.Weve often remarked that the use of prepositions in English is highly idiomatic and subject to changing usage.The OED s examples of figurative uses date from the mid-17th century, beginning with the Epidemicke trouble of our age (from Edmund Wallers A Vindication of the King, 1642).And heres a citation for hussif, from a 19th-century collection of regionalisms: Hussif, that is house-wife; a roll of flannel with a pin-cushion attached, used for the purpose of holding pins, needles, and thread.The word housewife was spelled husewif when it showed up in Sawles Warde, an early Middle English homily written around 1200: Inwi beo his hinen in se moni mislich onc to cwemen wel e husewif aein godes wille (Indoors, both his servants have a great.The Grammarphobia Blog April 11th, 2016 Q: Is the expression fold like a cheap suit or fold like a cheap suitcase?The Oxford English Dictionary has three major meanings for the noun scale, with many related senses: (1) a device for weighing things; (2) one of the thin, overlapping plates protecting the skin of animals; (3) a graduated system of measurement.(From Lord Byrons dramatic poem Manfred, 1817.) As we mentioned, the modern sense of vigil as chimney sweep northern ireland a peaceful demonstration is relatively recent.Its used literally in John Lydgates poem Troy Book (1412-20 where Diomedes says the Trojans fortified their walls while the Greeks delayed attacking and ageyn oure skalis made gret ordinaunce (and against our ladders assembled a great defense).(1745 Thy heavy hand restrain; / Have mercy.
In a simpler sentence with no phrases, this is easier to see: He saw Phoebe walking.
However, weve found this similar usage in the Dec.

In the International Phonetic Alphabet, which linguists generally use in referring to these sounds, the hy cluster is written as /hj/ and the y sound as /j/.(From the Football Annual, 1868.) It was inevitable that with the American invention of basketball in the early 1890s, the verb dribble would make itself useful yet again.And weve found other recent examples of based off in academic journals, both American and British.Geatfleda, a wealthy woman in Durham, heard that a group of people with children had sold themselves into slavery to survive, Collins writes.But not: Give up them.Struggle ( 75 /agnízomai ) the good struggle ( 73 /agn ) of the (life of) faith." 73 ( agn ) refers to "an (athletic) contest ; hence, a struggle (in the soul (Souter).Like a noun, running functions here as the object of the verb.Consequently, the number of these derivatives is indefinite.Intense solicitude, anxiety:, Colossians 2:1 (cf.The noun buzzword is sometimes called autological, since its an instance of a buzzwordbut we arent hearing it much lately, so perhaps its losing its buzz and someday will no longer qualify.Lists blocks, common, common words appear frequently in written and spoken language across many genres from radio to academic journals.