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83 Giving export entry advices (1) For subsection 114C(1) of the Act, this section sets out the manner and form in which Customs must give an export entry advice.
(4) The proprietor of the shop, or an employee or agent of the proprietor, must not enter into an arrangement with a ontario hydro rebate for low income seniors relevant traveller under which the goods delivered to the relevant traveller are: (a) to be transferred to the proprietor, or an employee.
Part 7Cargo terminals 72 Particulars about persons who enter a cargo terminal (1) For subsection 102CE(3) of the Act, the particulars for a record of a persons entry to a cargo terminal are: (a) the persons full name; and (b) the time and day the person enters.Ships stores has the meaning given by section 130C of the Act.(4) Goods that are: (a) not specified in subsection (2) or paragraph (3 a and (b) not goods that would be dutiable goods if entered for home consumption under subsection 68(2) of the Act; and (c) not goods that would be excisable goods if entered for home consumption.6 The goods are to be consigned by air.(5) If a requirement mentioned in subsection (4) is to be communicated in a document, the requirement must: (a) be communicated to: (i) the applicant; or (ii) if another person made the application for the applicantthat other person; and (b) be in an approved form; and.Relevant flight, in relation to a person who is a relevant traveller, means the international flight in relation to which the person is a relevant traveller.Part 3Customs control examination and securities generally 14 Prescribed places for making, preparing or receiving goods for export For paragraphs 30(1 d) and (e) of the Act, the places are the following: (a) an appointed airport or appointed wharf; (b) a place for which a depot.
(2) For the grant of the warehouse promotion code tesco photo licence, the fee is 1 000.
105 Remission or refund of dutyimport entry or selfassessed clearance declaration taken to be withdrawn (1) For section 163 of the Act, this section applies if: (a) a person pays an amount of duty ( duty 1 ) in relation to imported goods; and (b) either.

100 Permission to take delivery of goodsrequirements (1) This section is made for subsection 162(2) of the Act.Note: Goods that are prescribed under this section and the importation of which allegedly contravenes paragraph 233(1 b) of the Act are forfeited to the Crown: see section 243Y of the Act.17 Goods specified in item 5 of the table in Schedule 12 to the Prohibited Imports Regulations.Mailorder house : see subsection 24(4).However, please remember you must declare any other items of food or anything which you can eat, which you have purchased before arriving in Australia.13 Goods specified in item 1 or 10 of the table in Schedule 3 to the Prohibited Imports Regulations.
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(4) For the renewal of a warehouse licence, the fee is 4 000.