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All Alloy Wheels Tyres are professionally inflated to the correct pressure.
We pride ourselves on having the UKs best stock fitment availability, so more often than not we can service these demands.
Pirelli, Continental, Dunlop, Michelin and, bridgestone.Email Address You need to enter your Email!Built to the highest standards, wheelbase use the Latest Technology and Equipment to Build, 6pm discount coupon code 2014 Inflate and Balance all Alloy Wheel and Tyre Packages.Some of our alloy wheel deals also include tyres which is perfect if you are looking for alloy wheel packages!Once the tyre is fitted and inflated to the correct recommended pressure, the unit undergoes a balancing check.Once a desired style is chosen, the retailer will contact us to check on fitments (based on PCD, Offset and dimensions etc and stock availability.When you receive your package, all you need to do is fix them to your vehicle with the fitting kit supplied.Yes, we offer large discounts on a wide range of alloy wheels; all our discount alloy wheels can be viewed on our dedicated Discount Alloy Wheels section which is located on our home page.The tyres which appear in the search results have been checked to ensure that they will fit correctly with your chosen alloy wheels and your car model.From your landline: From your mobile.All Tyres professionally fitted to the Alloy Wheels.Balancing wheels is important as an unbalanced wheel and tyre unit will lead to steering issues, wheel wobble and many more problems.We use hi-tech digital wheel balancing machines to check for any imperfections and rectify any imbalances using high quality balance weights.

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals are here to provide the best service possible!If a 5th wheel and tyre is required for a spare, please call our sales team on, they will be happy to help.Our wide range of alloy wheel deals are designed to offer a large selection of different alloy wheel designs in many different sizes for a wide range of different cars and customer needs.required fields *Full Name You need to enter your full name!Our Wheel and Tyre packages are designed to save you money and time.You need to enter your Question!Please note in some alloy wheel packages you may or may not receive new wheel bolts or nuts as the new discount alloy wheels which you purchased from us are designed to use the original wheel nuts or bolts as fitted to your car.
Mounting Wheel Tyre Packages, once the order has been placed, our highly trained team of wheel tyre fitters sets to work, starting off by picking the wheels from their native location in our warehouse.