cash payment voucher narration

Though in practice while working out problems we prepare the cash book exactly in the same manner as a ledger, it is not.
Only their totals are drawn and shown in the total cell.
Cash Memo : Sales and purchases are the main features of any business enterprise.
Error OF principle, then there are errors in which an entry is recorded in the wrong class of account.Concerned person can get it encashed directly.Digits mentioned on the bottom of the cheques denote code of State, Bank, Branch, Cheque and Type of Account respectively.When a depositor deposits money in the bank hp discount code 2015 account, he fills up a form provided by the bank containing the information about the date, amount to be deposited and the name of the depositor etc.Take another example, assume that we received cash.The quantity, rate and total amount etc.Some Cash and Bank transactions, june 5th : Sold Goods for Cash 50,000 6th : Paid into Bank 40,000 7th : Paid Ram by cheque 2,880 after discount to clear the due of 3,000 8th : Purchased goods for cash 8,000 9th : Withdrawn from.Therefore we will give the due affect to Cash by debiting it and Remove the incorrect affect from bank by crediting.

Net amount of transaction.D Account 20,000 Credit: Cash Account 20,000 Based on our above discussion, we can devise a general procedure for rectification of errors.Rectification We can correct this mistake by two entries: Debit:.Rectifying THE errors, now, we will rectify all these types of entries: error OF omission.Signature of authorized signatory.A document in new of supporting voucher.A Cash Book is a subsidiary book.When the transaction involves both the cash a/c and the bank a/c, the second posting would also be done in the "Cash Book" itself marking them as Contra entries with an upper case 'C' in the ledger folio column.The bank issues a booklet containing cheque forms to its account holders.Through cheques, payment can be made to a specific person by writing the name of the party after the words Pay and by striking off the word bearer with a line printed on the cheque.
B, who is also a debtor.