buyer rebate definition

7 Rebates also allow companies to "price protect" certain product lines by being selective in which models or brands to be discounted.
The PO Loader Defaults - Overrides and Options page enables you to override values on loaded purchase orders with the values that you specify.
The record corresponds to the area of the requisition that, if changed, generates a change order.Typically, the bank notifies you within a certain number of days only if something is wrong with the prenote transaction.Companies almost always add other caveats to the rebate as well, such as the redemption having to be postmarked by a certain date.The system uses the keywords to search the vendor conversation records when you try to resolve a particular problem.Location Select the default location for the buyer.A MIR entitles the buyer to mail in a coupon, receipt, and barcode in order to receive a cheque for a particular amount, depending on the particular product, time, and often place of purchase.When processing for fax, the dispatch programs use the value entered here (combined with the selected setID) to search the PS_file_DIR_FS table for the file_DIR_server field, to determine the directory in which to create the output file.ID Type To check for a duplicate identifier, select the identifier type, such as D B Num (Dun Bradstreet number).These file directory locations are defined on the File Locations page.Later, you can search for all instances of those keywords to recall the record of the specific conversation.When you set up bank accounts, you can define a high dollar amount that, when reached, causes the payment handling code on a voucher automatically to switch toHD (high dollar payment).Timing codes are directly referenced in single payment terms and must be defined as a prerequisite to defining single payment terms.You can also select options that affect the statuses of the requisitions and how the PeopleSoft Purchasing Requisition Loader process builds them.

9 New companies that want to make a break into a market can offer substantial rebate savings on their new product as a means of capturing a customer's attention.Use this component to identify new lines and schedule defaults.When a short seller borrows shares to make delivery to the buyer, the seller must pay a rebate fee.Define document tolerances by setID and ChartField value on the Document Tolerance Definition page.Each ship to location has to have either a row that is Taxable with no qualifiers (ultimate use code, category, item ID, vendor ID, and vendor location) or a row that is Exempt with no qualifiers.Label Type Enter a field label type, which the system uses to determine how to display this field on the Change Ord fitbit giveaway july 2015 Rqsts page.Penalty Check to indicate that this is a late charge assessed directly by the vendor.
Select the Use Basis Amount check box to make this field available for entry, and enter a different value.