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Permalink Bullets, Brass, Ammo, Reloading, Tech Tip 1 Comment ยป November 17th, 2017 Sierra Bullets has just released load data for the.5 Grendel, a popular cartridge that works equally well in bolt guns and AR15-platform gas guns.
Modern Powder Technology for Enhanced Performance Copper fouling reduction these powders contain an additive that drastically reduces copper fouling in the gun barrel.
They allow you to hear ordinary conversations while still providing vital hearing protection.Click here for AR Parts Animation.After gently pushing on the rod, give the end of the rod a couple forward taps with your finger.Uusing advanced CGI rendering, the video shows an X-ray view of ammo being loaded in a handgun, feeding from a magazine.The 6mm/6.5 Creedmoor works well with powders such as H4350, RE-17, and Ramshot Hunter for heavier long-range bullet weights.M windows 8 free tv app Deep Discounts on Handguns and Black Rifles If youre in the market for a handgun or an AR-platform rifle check out.
Cutting Edge Bullets Cutting Edge Bullets produces advanced monolithic bullets made on computer-controlled lathes.

Keep the priming tool cup clean.Revolver purists may think that the Chiefs Special looks gift vouchers available at coles better than the Centennial or the ugly-duckling Bodyguard.On the other hand, barrel life for the.224 Valkyrie will likely be shorter than with the.5 Creedmoor, nba handicapping contests so you may end up paying more in the long run.If you take that.240 ogive radius and divide by the diameter (or caliber) of the bullet you would get.27 calibers of ogive (2.240.308.27).Right now you can save on a vast array of products PMA sells.Optimal load density - Enduron powders provide optimal load density, assisting in maintaining low standard deviations in velocity and pressure, a key feature for top accuracy.It is hard to beat a good, tuned model 1911 when it comes to trigger pull/reset and natural pointing ability.J-frames arent picky about ammo, either, and theyll digest whatever theyre fed.