blue and gold cake contest

Although it is not an official Boy Scouts of America designation, many are calling the fifth graders "Arrow of Light" or "Arrows." Some packs may give trophies to amazon voucher codes 2014 uk the winners, but typically, they award certificates for each category.
The money could be used toward a specific project such as the purchase of a Pinewood Derby track or it could be used in the general pack account.One pack encourages local businesses to send a representative to the auction who would buy a cake herschel supply co promo code that can be enjoyed by the employees of the business. Ask a program kmart discount code representative if it would be appropriate for the boys to deliver the cakes themselves and help serve them.One pack has a Scout's Choice award.Best Use of Chocolate, best Cake by a Tiger, best Cake by a Wolf.Most Delicious Looking Cake, most Effort Cake, best Single Color Cake.Other packs may have the boys draw numbers for a cake to take home.Typically at a Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet a full dinner is served, but this year we decided to do a fun Ice Cream Bar to serve with the boys cakes and then we had a Magican Duo come and do a magic show.A food bank, a homeless shelter and an organization that helps underprivileged children are all worthy recipients.Packs may pick a Scouting-related theme such as camping, favorite Cub Scout activity or even Scouting and technology.Print smaller versions of the images, cut them out, and put them in a cup or plastic bag.A cake bake is an event where the boys and an adult partner make and decorate a cake.Their rules say that the adult male doesn't have to be a dad; it can be any male role model or mentor that the boy has.

After the competition the cakes will be served for dessert, so we would like as many participants as possible!The competitions are not typically based on taste, so judges pick the best designs in various categories.Packs often select winners in categories such as these: Best Cub Scout Theme Cake, most Original Cake.The theme could be just about anything from cowboys to pirates.This process is fun and exciting for the boys.The entire cake, including decorations, must be edible. All and all our 2013 Blue and Gold was a huge success!Most Appealing Cake, best Workmanship, wackiest Cake, most Like a Birthday Cake.I also created a very simple Sign-In Sheet.
There are 30 named awards and then a page of blank awards, where you can write a name.