blake griffin 2013 slam dunk contest

For his second dunk, Ross bounced the ball, caught it halfway around and then completed the 360 with a chim cheroo chimney sweeps two-handed slam for a score.
Ross wrapped up the crown on his last dunk of the night when he soared over a ballboy positioned just outside the defensive circle, took the ball between his legs and snapped it through the hoop like the crack of a whip.
A lineup of James, Griffin, Smith and Wall would fill All-Star Weekend with jaw-dropping, mind-boggling monster jams, thus bringing energy and life back to the Slam Dunk Contest.If you thought only Russell Westbrook was capable of hitting his head on the side of the backboard, think again.One of the kids that she took care of had cancer.There's only one cure to the Slam Dunk Contest, and that's star power.He then opened the head-to-head battle against Evans in the finals by donning.You can see the exact moment the Michigan defender realized it was a horrible idea to try and take a charge on the next.Hibbert didnt know what hit him.A glow-in-the-dark 360-degree windmill by Paul George, which metro zoo promo code only corralled a 17 on the new, useless "dunk intensity meter.".
After sitting out three weeks for a staph infection Griffin is back healthy for the Clips, and today he celebrates his 26th birthday.
Griffin won the 2007 McDonalds All-American Dunk Contest after breaking out several windmill dunks.

Ross rose to snatch the ball and whirled for yet another 360 that earned him the title, which was decided by fan balloting via texting and on social media.It seems like the windmill was a speciality of Blake Griffin from the minute he could dunk.When I first grabbed him, he said, 'You're not going to hit me, right?' I said, 'No, I'm not going to hit you.' So I had to calm his nerves.".Michael Jordan #23 of the Chicago Bulls attempts a dunk during the 1987 Slam Dunk Contest on February 7, 1987 at Seattle Center Coliseum in Seattle, Washington.Oh, and bring back the judges!The Thunder and Clippers may have a ferocious rivalry but those sitting courtside cant help but lose it when they witnessed Griffin go nuclear on Ibaka.The origins of Lob City.These two connect on two ridiculous posessions in a row.With James and Griffin lined up, the 2013 Slam Dunk Contest, should there be a cash incentive, already has a star-studded lineup.
The dunk on Duncan, duncan knew better than to put his body in front of Blake Griffin, only tossing out his arm to try and stop Griffin from throwing it down.