bissell perfect sweep turbo wont charge

The sweeper works very well on hardwood and tile floors.
Yes you only plug in to recharge other wise you do not need the cord No the charger is on a cord that plugs in to the sweeper and a wall outlet No there is an AC adapter that plugs into the back of the.
Don't know about hardwood question: HOW does IT work ON picking UP sand AND NOT scattering IT around?
It does not work on the carpet or pick up on the bare floor.Do not use a strong detergent or other cleaner - this may damage the finish.Same price, no side brush, sturdier design.This is the third Bissell that I've had and none of them last more than 6 months.I'm sorry That is the best I can answer, the machine does what an inexpensive sweeper is supposed.When properly connected red light comes.Sometimes it picks up better than others.They are great for inbetween pickups of the average light specks that tend to accumulate on low, low pile carpet floors.Question: IF YOU were buying another cordless sweeper which ONE would YOU BUY?I bought it primarily to pick up dog hair.Question: does IT pick UP PET hair Yes it does a very good job.Here are the instructions from the bissell site: The Dirt Cup should be emptied after each use.I dental vouchers singapore do not use it on carpet as it would be hard to push and would do a lousy job.It will pick up some of what I push it over, but as I pull it back toward me, it will spit some of it out and I have to go over it again.
900 sq ft) and the charge still lasts several days.
There is a way to pull on the top and the container will come out.

It doesn't work that well on stairs.Question: HOW long does IT take TO recharge after THE initial USE?The front side brushes are driven by pulleys on the rear wheels.Maybe you can do something to them or return if you think it is defective.How many parts of the sweeper are made in the USA?Question: HOW long does THE charge last?It does a good job picking up the dog hair.
Make sure it is charged.