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Each contest is split into four ranks: Normal, Super, Hyper, and Master Rank.
Contents show, in games, pokémon Contests are only referred as such in Pokémon games: Ruby, Sapphire and, emerald, while in Pokémon games: Diamond and Pearl, they are referred.
However, a move used should be correspondant to the tire discounters locations condition of the contest.A thread dedicated to my unbanning D 20th November 2007, 5:56 PM #9, my Gardy for smart contest.Try to use the same condition as the contest your Pokemon is competing in to earn big points.If you're in a Cool contest, use moves with the Cool condition to fill up the excitement gauge.Soulsilver friend code : nd November 2007, 6:21 PM #11.The Pokemon is judged based on its appearance and contest condition.Followed by that would probably be my Dusclops in the Smart contest.
Yeah then if you are lucky enough to get a Milotic, then it does good.
Dance Round In this round, each Pokémon have to make up dance steps (up, down, left, or right) and the other Pokémon have to follow them.

11th December 2007, 4:34 AM #19 Originally Posted by munchlaxboy Adam, my Snorlax.Altaria to obtain the, lucarionite Mega Stone.Show the Pokemon to the old man to receive a special scarf that will increase a Pokemon's condition when held.Ball Capsules and Pokémon Seals In games, these items are given to Coordinators alongside their Contest Pass after registering, while in the anime, these items have to be bought.In what, you ask?With this appliance, when a Coordinator releases their Pokémon, special effects specific on the seal will emit from around the Pokémon to make for a showy entrance.
Then, use Powder snow and kick butt!
Upon winning the Master Rank contest, the champion Pokemon will receive a special ribbon.