bc hydro rates freeze

Once the review is finished, any cost and revenue adjustments identified will be reflected in sephora sweepstakes travel edition rates starting in April 2019.
The government says it will also undertake a comprehensive review of the utility meant to identify cost-savings measures.
A wide-ranging review of the crown corporation is also underway as we wait for a final decision on the fate of the Site C dam which could now cost rate-payers more than 10 billion."After years of escalating electricity costs, British Columbians deserve a break on their bills Mungall said in a news release.BC Hydro usage tends to spike.Today, the BC government has announced hydro rates have been frozen and a three per cent hike planned for next year has been cancelled completely.The province says once its review of the utility is complete, any potential cost and revenue adjustments will be made in 2019.With files from Megan Thomas.British Columbia's NDP government has announced it will apply to the.C.Rates have gone up by more than 24 in the last four years, and by more than, she added.
The Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Michelle Mungall made the announcement on Wednesday.

BC Energy Minister Michelle Mungall says rates have gone up by more than 24 per cent over the last four years and theyve increased by more than 70 per cent since 2001.The rate freeze is meant to give the government time to undertake a comprehensive review of BC Hydro.This move comes as part of a government commitment in Septembers budget to phase out the provincial sales tax on electricity.Rates are now frozen until at least April of 2019.Details of the scope and process for the review will be developed once government has made a final decision on Site."That means there's 150 million less to invest in capital projects and other investments that the utility needs to make." "This is putting off decisions that should be made today to the future."."A one year rate freeze costs Hydro 150 million Redies said.After years of escalating electricity costs, British Columbians deserve a break on their bills, said Michelle Mungall, BCs Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources.Victoria/Fraser Valley The BC NDP government delivered on a campaign promise to freeze BC Hydro rates.In 2016, BC Hydro applied to the BC Utilities Commission for three years of increases, with a 3 increase planned next year, but will be pulling back its request, consistent with this administrations commitment to a rate freeze, Mungall said.