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It appears to have increased coverage in the rear.
Kinetic : best online competitions ireland another full face model, with vents protected by exterior and interior stainless steel mesh.
It folded like the 1990's Motorika and the 2012 Biologic Pango, a hard shell model that folds the same way.Maya Enduro : a new 2015 design with the ConeHead liner, this time in a compact road model rising to a single rear point.Flattened rear to avoid tipping the child's head forward when riding in a trailer or bike carrier.When we tried it the slip-plane did not make the helmet move any more than it would normally move in a sideways hit.Louis Garneau See Louis Garneau above under "G" Lucky Bell Lucky Bell is a Hong Kong company producing Expanded PolyUrethane (EPU) helmets mostly for other brands, with some under their own Aerogo brand.In 2014 Pro-Tec introduced "vent badges" buy waitrose vouchers online with their brand on the rings that edge the vents on some models in a further effort to differentiate their brand from the hundreds of eurovision contest 2017 winner almost identical skate style helmet brands.The bulbous front and tapering, descending rear sections are emphasized in the Fluo Black neon yellow and black model with rings that imitate a wasp.Retail is 80, or 85 for the high vis.Biologic Biologic has a unique folding helmet called the Pango.Most of Prowell's models should retail for about.Pro-tec's models include: City Lite : introduced in 2014, with new colors for 2015, shaped like the classic Pro-Tec skate style helmet, round a smooth with small vents.Giro's 2013 catalog had an unusually frank statement on the subject: "What about fit for women?But this one has straps, shell lines and rectangular slit vents that are very different.They have one helmet from Casco called the Scarab that goes beyond dual certified to be certified to European standards for rock climbing, bicycling/skateboarding, equestrian use and whitewater.Esperito : molded in the shell, with rounded lines that are chopped off flat in the back "for cyclists that don't want to look like they plan to ride at 100km/h." Ring fit.We appreciate the motivation to add play value to helmets so that kids will take to them readily.
Next Business Day delivery -.95 additional.
Kid's models have nice pinch protector tabs on the buckle.

Sequence : the mostly round, smooth model you should check out if the Muni or Citi are too round for your taste.Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by TweetieinAZ from Downsizing Dream I'd had my eye on this functional ottoman for months before I finally jumped in and bought.I was sending a mug to my dad with as a gift with an image of one of my paintings (great gift idea) even after my flip-flopping, it arrived at his place in like 3 days after the finalized order.I thought the upholstery job was very good, no problems with the corners being sharp or not padded enough as other reviews have mentioned.It has a non-absorbent gel pad on the front that attempts to spread sweat away from the eyes rather than absorb.There is a visible white option that looks a lot less moto than the black model.Razor See Kent above Roar Roar Helmets come from Shang Yang Industrial.Vigor's crash replacement policy provides a replacement of the same helmet or another current one at a 30 per cent discount from retail for the lifetime of the helmet.Consumer Reports rated the Raskullz Mohawk helmet in June, 2015 as Excellent for impact protection, although the Mohawk was rated Poor for fit and Poor for ventilation, and recieved the lowest overall score of any helmet CU tested this year.Retail is 70, about half what it had been in the past with other shell materials.So glad we did this.