arneson pool sweep history

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Arneson ordered a custom 38-foot Cougar Cat to socal water rebates race with his new drives.
Head hose assembly - pool sweep I - Parts Interchange with Most PS-II Models.
His shop is like a laboratory, stocked with prototypes of many of his inventions.Note - THE complete hose BOX IS NO longer available.It handled well and reached a top speed of 78 mph with 280 horsepower.Pentair IS THE current supplier FOR pool sweep parts.Arneson drove and throttled the entire race by himself.

This product was extremely successful and, in 1969, Arneson sold it to Castles Cook, owner of a number of companies including Dole Pineapple Corporation.The boat began to delaminate and didn't finish the race.The boat consistently hit speeds near 160 mph.Howard sweeping floor meaning Arneson's accomplishments in boating are legendary and, at 77, he's far from finished.Arneson drives were designed in different sizes to handle the full range of power available to the race and pleasure boat markets.For most of us breaking the 100 mph mark american airlines student discount code on the water is a monumental achievement."We made four fuel stops, passed through the huge wakes created by some 200 to 250 tow boats and barges, and still averaged 82 miles per hour.I'm sure that we logged over 50,000 miles at speeds in excess of 100 miles an hour he stated.
To date he has built 16 turbine powered boats, of various sizes and configurations for such famous clients as the ruling family of Dubai, Bill Bennett and Al Copeland.