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When away on vacation, adjust the thermostat and lower the temperature on your water heater.
You can save energy, save money and enjoy being comfortable in your home.When you use energy wisely, it means cleaner air, lower bills, and less need for new expensive energy infrastructure.For more information, visit: m/Winterproofing.Table of Contents, iSBN Print, iSBN html.Enbridge is also offering 75 towards the purchase and installation of an Adaptive Thermostat.Home page, laws,.A programmable thermostat can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 10 per cent and a smart thermostat can control your homes temperature remotely.Ontario regulation 10/03, rebate FOR energy-efficient appliances, note: This Regulation was revoked on February 23, 2011.From programs and tax credits that reduce your costs to new ways of improving efficiency, you have options to save energy at home.For some customers, the need to use more power is unavoidable.Wattsly was the gold prize and Peoples Choice winner in the 2014 Energy Apps for Ontario Challenge.When upgrading your appliances buy energy star certified dishwashers, refrigerators, washers and dryers.
Phantom Power can account for up to 10 percent of household energy use.
White House 2014 Energy Datapalooza.

Users with general service-rate class accounts (for example multi-unit buildings such as apartments or condos may also be eligible for a DRC exemption for each eligible residential unit.Download: Helping You Save on Energy at Home PDF.81.Find out what you need to know at: Evict Your Phantom Power Many electronic devices like TVs, cable/satellite boxes, computers and cell phone chargerseven coffee discount tire and battery ionia makers and electric toothbrushesdraw phantom power, which means they use electricity unless theyre unplugged.Wash your clothes in cold or warm water.Participating in the program can help reduce electricity use, help manage electricity costs and improve home comfort.Open blinds during the day and close them at night.E-Laws provides access to official copies of Ontarios statutes and regulations.Use timers to run pool pumps, filters and heaters during off-peak periods when prices are lowest.For the 2016 benefit year, you may get up to 224 for home energy costs, up to 784 (for non-senior single people and families) and up to 924 (for senior single people and families) for property taxes.
Consumer education is very important and, sometimes, cost incentives add a needed boost to purchase decisions.