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Dorothy and the Wizard.
A Man Booker Prize winner and massive bestseller, its rated.4 stars with 6,718 customer reviewsthats remarkably good!
This one is a crime thriller.I do believe they want to be better.Rule #2: Be the same.In this urban fantasy, Samantha Moon is a private investigatorand a vampire.Making what you already own betterat no additional cost?Whats in a name?That could encourage you to buy, say, an alternate history book from a different author and/or publisherand Amazon could get a deal from the publisher for that reason (sort of advertising supported).
Where are we going?
When the name promotion code for fathead and the meaning dont align, its confusing and offputting.

Amazon: room for improvement, amazon does a lot of things really well.Ive also collected all of a single series, although thats not quite the same thing.Then, they should tell people why changes were madeand what the advantages are.We dont get to make decisions about whether we want to upgrade lord and taylor online coupon or not.I explained how long-lasting characters usually have some kind of stress in their first novels, or just before the novel starts.Some people are what I call piece buyers: they see a book that they want, and they pay for that book on an individual basis.Im a safety inspector.Its also a Kindle in Motion book, which includes animationthats viewable on a tablet or phone, but the book can be read (without the animations) on an EBR (E-Book Reader).When will a publisher break with Amazonif ever?
Rather than naming the next generation Kindle a Kindle 2, or something like that (officially, anyway Kindles have been namedKindle.