40 weeks pregnant 2nd membrane sweep

Good luck and dont worry this will all be a distant memory very soon.
I was 40 3 when i had a sweep but it was only because the consultant examined me and said i was 2cm but i didnt feel anything yet so he hoped it would kick start.
It was dne at 11am, I had instant backache and by mid afternoon I was contracting.
I had the sweep at 40weeks exactly.Well as you can maybe tell it differs from one pregnancy to the next.By 7:30 I was sure I was going to go into labour and at 8:15 my waters went and I went into full blown labour.Mumatron - I'm not that confident about my EDD.my little angel is coming 2, how time flies.Where did you get that info from do you mind me asking?I didn't find it painful, though it wasn't comfortable, but I was already 2cm dilated so I guess things were already edging towards labour.Why are they planning on inducing you on 20th?These aren't things mentioned in the info leaflet I got from my midwife.CrotchFlakes notice you said in that other thread there's a risk of infection and waters breaking, which is obviously a worry.
Was originally 23rd Jan and then they brought it forward to 17th based on size of baby at 12-week scan, but tbh that doesn't really add.
You could ask for expectant management instead which is monitoring and more scans?

They kind of give you a nudge more than a push!As the others have said, they really only work if everything is gearing up for labour anyhow.I was told there was no risk apart from possible false labour pains and bleeding (bad enough I know!).I had sweeps with all my kids but it was only Dd, who was #2 that it worked.In my case it's DC1 window rebates california 2017 and I've had no labour pains so far, so have the feeling my cervix and the LO are just not ready really, although that could change in a few days.I would say there is no harm in trying it but hun remember this is your discount dinner vouchers melbourne body if you dont want to be induced just refuse it but then you have to be prepared for more waiting.She was born.5 hrs later.Had it on the Friday and waters went on Sunday night but inbetween I did a lot of bouncing on the ball, long walks and sex, which all also help.Then musicians friend coupon codes 15 again the whole 40 weeks thing is just an approximation - all babies are different and some countries use other lengths of time based on different studies.